Arizona Brace® - Unweighting

The Unweighting Arizona Brace® combines the features of the Extended Arizona Brace® but outfitted in full leather. The closure extends to the top of the device and is designed to provide circumferential pressure all the way up to the lower leg.
Heights  Closure 
Standard Lace/Velcro
Clinical Indications 
• Post fractures of the distal tibia
• Post fractures of the ankle, subtalar and midtarsal trauma
• Neuropathic conditions involving ankle and foot joints, heel ulcers
• Following reconstructive orthopedic surgery after crushing injuries to the midfoot and hindfoot
• Charcot foot
• Severe ankle instability
• Full-length footplate
• Custom removable insole
• Soft, comfortable molded leather inner shell lining
• Padded with 1/8" medical-grade foam
• Polypropylene shell

Available Colors
Sand, Black, White, Brown and Pink

Closure Options
Laces, Velcro, Speed Laces, Boot Hook

Available Colors

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