Arizona Slim™

The AZ Slim™ is flexible, custom-made gauntlet-style AFO for support and stabilization of the talocalcaneal, midtarsal and subtalar joints. It also stabilizes the ankle area medially, laterally and reduces either forefoot abduction or adduction. Available in 5 inch and 9 inch height.
Heights  Closure 
Standard Lace
Clinical Indications 
• Ankle instability
• All leather gauntlet
•No plastic inner shell
• Choice of closures: Lace, Lace/Velcro, Velcro, Lace/Speedy Hook

Available Colors
Sand, Black, White, Brown and Pink

Closure Options
Laces, Velcro, Speed Laces, Boot Hook
Additions and Modifications for the Arizona Slim™ device
•5 inch or 9 inch Height
•Heel Cut Out or Other Anatomical Reliefs
•Lace, Velcro,Lace/Velcro or Lace/Speedyhook Closure
•Tan, Brown or Black Leather

Available Colors

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