DynaFlange™ | Active Like All of Us!
July 2012

DynaFlange™ | Active Like All of Us!

Langer is pleased to introduce the next game-changing concept to the foot orthotic world: DynaFlange™. DynaFlange™ is a new custom orthotic that incorporates the patent pending DynaFlange rearfoot posting system that dynamically manages the pathologic motion taking place during gait.

First, DynaFlange™ absorbs the deleterious effects of pronation by storing the ground reaction forces, then dynamically returns the stored energy when needed most by providing the mechanical assist required to resupinate the foot. The result is a highly stable propulsive mechanism to move the body forward fluidly. DynaFlange™ is a more efficient posting system than traditional static rearfoot posting and only available at Langer Biomechanics, Inc.

The DynaFlange™ is available in two shell variations, HDPE and Superform, and practitioners are able to choose from two levels of rearfoot control, moderate control and aggressive control. Check out the DynaFlange™ device in the Custom Orthotics section for product specifications.

Langer’s DynaFlange™ works when other orthotics don’t because DynaFlange™ is active…like all of us!

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